Jun 202012

Welcome to the new Warren Public Library website!

We have been working on a redesign of our website for the past several months. Here are some of the new features:

Along the top of the site is the main navigation bar. You can easily find information about the library and access library services by using this menu. You can also find information and previous website stories for teens, adults, and children.

Information about upcoming events, new services, items of interest, and more will be posted as stories in the middle column of this website. New stories will be added regularly, keeping you up to date about the latest happenings at the library.

Along the left, you can now directly search the library catalog from within our website. You can also quickly access your account by clicking the “Log into my account” link under the catalog. There are also new book features, links to Warren Public Library accounts on various social networks, direct access to a featured database, and a useful translation tool that will translate our website into over 52 different languages.

Along the right, there are helpful links to find answers to common questions (the “How Do I…” menu) as well as direct links to important library resources. Have a question about the library? Be sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Additionally, along the right-hand side are links to program calendars for all branches of the Warren Public Library, as well as an updated list of upcoming events. Finding out what is happening at the library and your local branch is now easier than ever!

Please take some time to explore our new site.

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