Library Rules and Regulations

  1. Materials may be checked out with a valid library card.
  2. Each borrower is financially responsible for loss or damage to any materials checked out on his card. Parents are responsible for all materials on their children’s cards.
  3. Report lost or stolen library cards immediately. Until you do so, you are responsible for all materials borrowed with your card and any resulting fines or charges.
  4. A $2.00 charge will be made for replacement of lost or stolen cards. (updated 9/21/18)
  5.  Borrowed materials must be returned within the proper loan period. Fines will be assessed for materials returned after the loan period expires.
  6.  All fines must be paid within 30 days.
  7.  Limits on number of materials and limits on number of renewals vary.
  8. Be aware of the signs and be courteous to others who need quiet.
  9. Borrowing and library privileges may be suspended or revoked by the librarian for violation of existing rules and regulations.
  10. Patrons with fines or bills more than 30 days old and patrons with fines of bills over $5.00 will not be allowed to borrow.
  11. Refunds will no longer be given when lost and paid materials are found and returned.
  12. Library card or student ID must be present to use computers. (updated 4/29/24)
  13. You must use your own library card.
  14. Children in grade 7 or younger must be supervised and within visual contact of a parent or caregiver (age eighteen or older) at all times while using the library.
  15. Eating: Food is permitted only if it is a part of a library program.  Beverages are acceptable if they have a lid. (updated 4/29/24)

(page updated 4/29/24)