Feb 202014

pysankyWednesday, March 12, 6 pm, Civic Center Library

Pysanky are Ukrainian Easter eggs decorated with traditional Ukrainian folk designs. The tradition of pysanky decorating precedes Christianity and reflects ancient myths in which the egg symbolizes life, the sun, and the universe.

Please join us as we welcome Local Artist Roman Seniuk. Mr. Seniuk has been creating pysanky since he was a boy. During his presentation, he will talk about his work and display many beautiful examples.

Also, please note that during the months of March and April, Mr. Seniuk’s work will be displayed in the showcases at the back of the Civic Center Library.

This program will be held in the conference room next to the Civic Center Library. Registration is required for this program. To register, please call 586.574.4564.