Feb 202014


Thursday, March 20, 6 pm, Civic Center Library

The Vietnam War was America’s longest war and one of its most costly ever in terms of American casualties.  In an attempt to stop the spread of communism in the world, thousands of Americans and Vietnamese lost their lives, American society became polarized and disillusioned with leadership and America’s image suffered throughout the world.  What did America learn from this very costly war?

Please join us as Dr. Donald M. Borsand O.D., discusses this important event in American history. Dr. Borsand is a successful optometrist and business entrepreneur who has made a lifelong study of military history. Borsand’s research began more than 45 years ago when, as an undergraduate, he majored in history and political science at Wayne State University. 

This program will be held in the conference room next to the Civic Center Library. Registration is required for this program. Please call 586.574.4564 to register.