Nov 162012

Are you curious about Michigan’s involvement during the Civil War? How about the rise of the automobile industry in Detroit? Or, perhaps you might want to know more about the early history of the Detroit Tigers?

Now, with the Warren Public Library’s addition of the Historical Detroit Free Press database, you can go back through time and read the news of the day as it was actually published.  Historical Detroit Free Press features digitized editions of every issue of the Detroit Free Press from 1831 – 1922. It is easily searchable by a variety of article types including front page, classified ad, editorial cartoon, and more. Also, because the paper is digitized, you can see each article as it was printed. The Historical Detroit Free Press includes all text that was published, including obituaries and advertisements!

To access Historical Detroit Free Press, click here, or access our databases through the Research tab above. You will need a Warren Public Library card use this database.

  One Response to “Historical Detroit Free Press Now Available”

  1. I don’t really know what url means, but I would like to see the front page of some old ” Free Press”, We were all born in the 30,s & early 40,s and my sister and I are all that,s left, I used to peddle it and I know that the weather is on that page. I would like to tell her what the weather was like on her birthday, (She’l be 76 and I’m 78)

    I thank you so much if you can
    Norm Moran

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