May 072013


Now that spring is finally here, perhaps there are some new household items that you need for the season. Are you looking to buy a new barbeque grill? How about a lawn mower? Or, are you undertaking a spring cleaning project, and want to know the best cleaners available? Using the  library’s subscription to, you can easily find out the best products available, including items such as  all-purpose cleaners, air conditions, lawn mowers, and much more! is the companion website to Consumer Reports magazine. Through our subscription, you have access to all subscriber-level content, including product overviews, ratings, videos, and more. Additionally, you can browse electronic editions of the print Consumer Reports magazine from 2009 – present.

To access, you will need a Warren Library Card. Move your mouse over Research, then Databases.  From the database list, select At the website, you will need to enter your library card number to gain access.

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