Dream Big…Read! Children’s Summer Reading Club


Dream Big Read BW

Dream Big…Read! – Children’s Summer Reading Club

For children ages 3 – 11 yrs – Warren residents only

 June 18 – August 4

How the program works:

  1. Children ages 3 – 11 can sign up for the Children’s Summer Reading Club.
  2. To sign up, fill out a form available at any Warren Public Library branch starting June 18.
  3. To complete the form, you must track your time and read for a total of 10 hours. Every time you read for 15 minutes, color in a star on your form. When all stars are filled in, you are done.
  4. Write the titles of the books you read on the back of the form. Books must be reading level appropriate. Additional sheets are available upon request.
  5. When complete, return the form to the library branch where you signed up. Pick up another form and keep reading.
  6. All forms must be turned in by Saturday, August 4, 2012.