Mobile Hotspot Lending


All four branches of the Warren Public Library now offer mobile hotspots for patron lending.

What is a mobile hotspot?

A mobile hotspot is a deck-of-cards sized device that can provide Wi-Fi Internet access for up to 10 different Wi-Fi capable devices. Each hotspot from the library offers unlimited data, and can provide Internet access in any location that has a T-Mobile signal.

How do I checkout a hotspot?

Hotspots are only available directly from each Warren Public Library branch. There are no holds. To checkout out a hotpsot, visit the circulation desk of any Warren Public Library branch. You will need to fill out a Warren Public Library Mobile Hotspot Lending Agreement (where you agree to the items listed below) to checkout a hotspot.

What are the rules for checking out a hotspot?

To checkout a hotspot, patrons must:

  • by 18 years or age or older.
  • be a Warren resident and have a valid Warren Library account.
  • present a current driver’s license, passport, or military photo ID when checking out the hotspot.
  • be in good standing with the library.
  • check out and return Mobile Hotspot units to a staff member at the Circulation desk at the Warren Public Library where the item was checked out.

What are the fines and liability?

  • Mobile hotspots. check out for 7 days. They automatically renew one time for an additional 7 days. (updated 9/30/21)
  • Only one WPL Mobile Hotspot can be checked out out per household.
  • Households must wait 14 days after returning a hotspot before another device can be checked out to any household member from any Warren Public Library. (updated 1/23/19)
  • The overdue fine is $2.00 per day until returned. (updated 1/23/19)
  • Overdue Mobile Hotspots will be deactivated within 24 hours after the due date.
  • If a hotspot has to be deactivated, the patron will be charged a $5.00 reactivation fee. (updated 1/23/19)
  • Patrons will be charged $25 for Mobile Hotspots returned to a book drop (indoor or outdoor) or another library.
  • The Mobile Hotspot should be kept in a temperature controlled environment. DO NOT leave it in your car.
  • The patron is responsible for costs associated with loss or damage to the Mobile Hotspot and/or peripherals.
  • Returned hotspots are subject to library staff inspection after being checked in. (updated 8/13/18)
  • Note to Parents/Guardians: Internet content filtering is not provided. You are responsible for all content accessed using the Mobile Hotspot.

What are the replacement charges if I lose or damage a hotspot?

  • Mobile Hotspot Unit: $80
  • Power Adapter: $15
  • Power Cord: $15
  • Case: $25
  • Total Replacement Cost: $135

(updated 1/23/2019)