Jan 222014

face-reading-level-2Thursday, February 6, 6 pm, Civic Center Library

Back by popular demand, the Warren Public Library is happy to announce that Lin Klaassen will be returning to the library. Ms. Klaassen has earned a reputation over 21 years as one of the Midwest’s leading practitioners in the field of face reading. Face reading is an ancient practice that correlates facial features to character traits. Ms. Klaassen is a business, jury, relationship, and poker consultant with clients in over 17 countries.

Lin has been with us several times and will return to present 15 new facial traits never presented here before!

This program will be held in the conference room next to the Civic Center Library. Registration is required for this program. Please call 586.574.4564 to register.

Nov 162012

Did you know that non-verbal communication conveys up to 90% of the meaning of a message? On Wednesday, November 28 at 6 pm at the Civic Center Library, Lin Klaassen, an international expert in non-verbal communication, will be showing you how to read and interpret movements, gestures, eye contact, and facial expressions and other body language. Come to this program and find out what isn’t being said!

To register for this program, call 586.574.4564. This event will take place in the Conference Room outside of the Civic Center Library.