Curbside Pickup


Note (8/31/20): With the reopening of library locations to the public, curbside service has been suspended at the Miller, Busch, and Burnette branches and is only available at the Warren Civic Center Library through September.

The Warren Public Library is now offering curbside pickup of library holds and requested items at the Warren Civic Center Library.

Please follow the links below for general information about curbside pickup as well as specific information for each branch.

Curbside Pickup – General Information

Where is curbside pickup available?

Curbside pickup is available at the Warren Civic Center Library.

What are the procedures for curbside pickup?

In order to ensure the safety of staff and patrons, please follow the following procedures for curbside pickup:

  1. When you receive a notification that your holds are available, call the library where you scheduled your holds to be picked up. Hours and library locations can be found here. Please call ahead of time at least an hour before you plan on picking up your items.
  2. When you arrive at the library please park in the designated area for curbside pickup.
  3. After arriving, you must call the library again to let us know you have arrived. Please provide the make, model, and color of your vehicle. Please also either lower the back window of your vehicle or open the trunk so that staff can place items in your vehicle.
  4. After letting us know you have arrived, staff will bring items to your car. You must show staff your driver’s license (preferred) or library card through your window for staff verification. Staff will then deposit items in your vehicle.
  5. Items delivered via curbside will include a checkout slip showing due dates of items.

Can I return items via curbside pickup?

No. Item returns will not be accepted through curbside pickup. If you need to return items, all four Warren Public Library locations feature drop boxes accessible from the outside of the building, including a drive-up drop box located at the Warren Civic Center Library.

How are returned items being handled?

To protect both staff and patrons, items returned to all branches of the Warren Public Library are being quarantined for at least 96 hours after being removed from library dropboxes before being able to be checked out again. This follows the latest research findings on the length the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has been found to stay on common library materials.

Can I call a library branch to see if library items are available, or do I need to place items on hold first?

Staff will be answering phones during the hours they are available for curbside pickup. You can call the library to see if items are available. If items are on the shelf we will pull them and have them ready for you when you arrive for curbside pickup. You can also place holds online through our online catalog.

I received a notification that my hold is available. How long do I have to pick up my holds?

Items will be held for 10 days from when they become available. Please plan on picking up your items during this time.

Are mobile hotspots available for curbside pickup?

No. Mobile hotspots are not available for curbside pickup. T

Are rental DVDs available for curbside pickup?

Rental DVDs will be available for curbside pickup. They cost $1 to checkout for a 2-day period. If you wish to checkout a rental DVD, you will need to have exact change to hand to the staff member who delivers your items. Rental DVDs are not allowed to be placed on hold through our catalog – please call the owing library to see if they are available.

Will checkout periods be extended for items during curbside pickup?

No. Items checked out through curbside pickup follow normal checkout periods.

Can I pay fines through curbside pickup?

No. Fines cannot be paid during curbside pickup. Fines can be paid by credit card by logging into your library card account through our online catalog. Fines can also be paid inside each library.

Can I apply for a library card through curbside pickup?

No. Curbside pickup is only for delivering physical library items to patrons. If you do not have a library card you can visit one of our locations during the hours they are open to the public or create a virtual library card which will give you access to a wide variety of electronic resources.

I need to make a copy or fax a document. Can you do that for me through curbside pickup?

No. Curbside pickup is only for picking up library items.

I just remembered another item that I want while coming to pick up items curbside. Can I ask for you to get it for me while I’m picking up my other materials?

No. Staff will not be answering item requests during curbside pickup. If you want to see if we have an item, you must call ahead before you arrive for curbside pickup.

When will the libraries be open to the public again?

All Warren Public Library locations have reopened to the public. For updated hours and procedures, please see this post.

Warren Civic Center Library


Curbside pickup is available during the following days and times at the Civic Center Library:

  • Monday – 12:00 pm – 7:30 pm
  • Tuesday – 9:00 am – 7:30 pm
  • Wednesday – 12:00 pm – 7:30 pm
  • Thursday – 9:00 am – 7:30 pm
  • Friday – 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

Where do I park for curbside pickup?

Curbside pickup will be taking place on the south side of the Warren City Hall building, along City Square South. Signs will be posted indicating where you can park. A picture showing the location can be viewed here.

Updated 8/31/20