Aug 262019

Wednesday, September 18, 6:00 pm, Dorothy Busch Branch

Ever come across a criminal or con artist while digging through your family history? Ken Siver did. In the Southfield mayor and historians’ latest book, An Uncommon Criminal: The Extraordinary Life of Edwin Turner Osbaldeston, Siver presents the biography of his great-grandfather, recounting a 70-year crime spree in which he pretended to be a doctor, professor, war hero, and more.  You’ll hear tales and anecdotes of how Siver and his family uncovered the true story of Edwin Turner Osbaldeston.

Registration is required. Register here or call 586.7353.0580.

Jul 292019

Thursday, August 29, 6 pm, Civic Center Library

Jacqui Rabine of the Michigan State University Extension Center is back in the library to help you learn the benefits of eating with mindful awareness. You will get to experience a mindful eating activity, learn about the personal hunger/fullness scale, and get tips on other ways to be more mindful as we eat. This is an adults only program.

Registration is required for this program. Register online or call 586-574-4564.

Jul 292019

Thursday, August 22, 6 pm, Civic Center Library

Photo by Andy Holmes on Unsplash

Bob Trembley from the Warren Astronomical Society returns with a live demonstration of a trio of space simulation software platforms. These apps allow you to build rockets and space stations, conduct orbital maneuvers, travel to the cosmos and other planets in our solar system, experience a gravity simulator, and much more in the comfort of your own home. This is an adults only program.

Registration is required. Register online or call 586-574-4564.